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Our Products

Tapsol’s Innovative Solutions: Explore Our Cutting-Edge Product Portfolio.


School Management System

A comprehensive School Management System is a game-changer for educational institutions. It streamlines administrative tasks, enhances communication, and improves overall efficiency. With features like student enrollment, attendance tracking, grade management, and parent-teacher communication, it’s an invaluable tool for both schools and colleges, ensuring a more organized and effective learning environment.


Cardiac Lab Management System

The “Cardiac Lab Management System” is the ultimate solution for cardiac labs, clinics, laboratories, and surgical centers. With streamlined processes, it optimizes patient care, appointment scheduling, surgical procedures, laser treatments, and consultations. Enhance efficiency, accuracy, and patient outcomes with this comprehensive software tailored for cardiac and medical facilities.

Tapsol Books

Tapsol Books offers the best solution for Sale, Purchase, and Inventory management in the business world. With a user-friendly interface and powerful features, it simplifies transactions, streamlines inventory control, and maximizes profitability. Experience seamless operations and make informed decisions with Tapsol Books – your trusted business partner.


Tapsol Exchange

Tapsol Exchange is the ideal solution for seamless currency management. With a user-friendly platform and competitive rates, it simplifies foreign exchange transactions. Whether for personal or business needs, Tapsol Exchange ensures efficient currency conversion and money transfer, making it the top choice for effective financial management.


Tapsol Store Books

Tapsol Store Books management software simplifies book inventory management for multiple stores. With user-friendly features, it allows easy tracking of book stock, sales, and orders across different locations. Streamline your operations, optimize stock levels, and enhance customer service with Tapsol Store Books.

Wedding Hall

Streamline your wedding hall operations with our software. Manage bookings, track guest lists, handle payments, and ensure a seamless event experience. Stay organized, save time, and provide exceptional service on the big day

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